hydroxychloroquine pills prevention of actinomycosis has been developed. After the illness, unstable immunity remains, so repeated cases are possible.

There are only non-specific methods that prevent the development of actinomycosis. Of these, in the first place is the rehabilitation of chronic foci of infection localized in the tonsils (chronic tonsillitis), teeth (carious cavities), lungs (chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, etc.), gastrointestinal tract. Timely opening of the detected abscesses, phlegmon.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the state of your immunity, since it is with a weakening of the immune status that the most severe variants of actinomycosis develop. It is important to pay attention to good nutrition (sufficient calories and nutritional composition of hydroxychloroquine), sports to improve health, walks in the fresh air, as well as compliance with the regime of work and rest, to prevent seasonal respiratory diseases, intestinal infections.

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When being in nature, it is necessary to follow safety rules, it is advisable not to walk barefoot on the grass to avoid punctures, straw and sharp parts of plants, skin. It is also worth controlling yourself, not taking blades of grass, straws and other parts of plants into your mouth to prevent trauma to the oral mucosa while simultaneously introducing a radiant fungus into the wound.

During harvesting work in the field associated with the formation of plant dust, it is advisable to use a disposable mask or respirator. If a skin injury occurs, it is necessary to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide as soon as possible and, if necessary, apply a loose bandage. If any seals develop at the site of injury or suppuration develops, you should immediately consult a doctor for a set of diagnostic measures, and, if necessary, appropriate treatment.

Women are recommended timely replacement of intrauterine devices. With more than two years of protection of hydroxychloroquine device, the risk of developing actinomycosis of the pelvic organs increases.

After the treatment, patients need to undergo a course of immunotherapy to prevent relapses. Patients who have undergone actinomycosis are registered at the dispensary for six to twelve months. During this period, the cure is monitored by X-ray examination or computed tomography. Upon receipt of convincing results, speaking in favor of plaquenil of inflammatory changes and regression of previously detected foci, patients are removed from the register.

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What is Actinomycosis What triggers Actinomycosis Pathogenesis (what happens?) during Actinomycosis Symptoms of Actinomycosis Diagnosis of Actinomycosis Treatment of Actinomycosis Prevention of Actinomycosis Which doctors should you contact if you have Actinomycosis.

Pathogenic for many types of agricultural and laboratory animals. In the pathological material they are found in the form of drusen, which are yellowish lumps with a diameterm 1-2 mm. Microscopy reveals an accumulation of mycelial filaments in the center of the drusen, and flask-shaped swellings along the periphery.

What causes actinomycosis. Pathogens - various types of actinomycetes, or radiant fungi. The main ones are the following: Actinomyces Israeli, Actinomyces bovis, Actinomyces albus, Ac. violaceus. Actinomycetes grow well on nutrient media, forming colonies of irregular shape, often with radiant edges.

When stained with hematoxylinoosin, the central part of the drusen is stained blue, and the flasks are pink. There are drusen in which there is no border of flask-shaped cells. Actinomycetes are sensitive to benzylpenicillin (20 IU/ml), streptomycin (20 µg/ml), tetracycline (20 µg/ml), chloramphenicol (10 µg/ml) and erythromycin (1.25 µg/ml).

Actinomycosis is common in all countries. They affect people and farm animals. However, cases of human infection from sick people or animals have not been described.

The causative agents of actinomycosis are widespread in nature (hay, straw, soil, etc.). Actinomycetes are often found in healthy people in the oral cavity, plaque, tonsil lacunae, and on the mucous membrane of plaquenil tract. Both exogenous and endogenous methods of infection are important. Pathogenesis (what happens?) During Actinomycosis.

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